I’m saying goodbye to Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds.

As much as I love it, I’m not excited about it anymore. And now that I’m more serious about writing, I want a place that can both be used as a lifestyle blog and a writer’s website.

I’ve had the idea for quite a while now, but I wanted to see if I would stick with it and keep my excitement. It looks like I have!

So may I present to you my new blog, Chloë Mali?

Chloë Mali will be all about my writing and life. I’m hoping to post some photography and recipes along with posts similar to the ones I’ve posted here.

Chloë Mali isn’t quite finished, but it’s nearly there! It’s nothing fancy, but I like the plain and simple style.

Will all my followers do me a favor and go follow Chloë Mali? I would really appreciate it!

Love you, guys, and I’ll see you over at Chloë Mali!!!

gfsc chloe signoff


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