Choosing Which Novel to Write – 3 Tips

Hello, dear readers!

Today I have 3 tips about choosing which novel to write for you! It’s always so hard for me to choose what to write, and these tips really help. I’ve been using them a lot lately, as more and more novel ideas pop up… and I’m pretty sure I can’t write more than two novels at once… much less seven. XD

Also, apologies that I did not post at all last week…. lets blame it on Natasha….

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

1. Flip a coin

This is usually the most helpful of the things I do to choose. I find that as soon as I flip the coin, I know which project I want to work on first. This was extremely useful when I was deciding between which retelling to write…. *cough cough* More on that later.

2. Get to know your characters

I love doing this… but often, I love the characters from either novel the same amount XD

But whether it is roleplaying or writing snippets with your characters, getting to know them is always so much fun!

I like putting my characters in a scenario and then figuring out what they’d do in it. Example: Strand them in the middle of a desert. Or perhaps on a desert island….

*evil laughter*

And since I am evil, here are some scenarios that you can put your characters in to get to know them better. *hides from angry characters*

Stick them in a different time period.

Make an introverted person interact with an extroverted one.

Confront them with their worst fears. Or with a person they absolutely hate.

Stick them in your favorite book or movie. (I like imagining my characters in the Hunger Games or the Lord of the Rings.)

3. Ask friends or family

Ask your friends and family which novel they would rather read. For me, this sometimes acts like flipping a coin does. If everyone votes for one novel, but you find you would rather write the other, then by all means do!

And those are my three tips for choosing which novel to write!

And about those retellings…. you’ll have to wait till another post… XD

Shall we(1)

Did any of these tips help? What projects are you working on?

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14 thoughts on “Choosing Which Novel to Write – 3 Tips

  1. Ohhh! That flip the coin trick is genius! ‘Cause if you find you’re sad about the choice it made, you know you really want to write the other one.

    AND OH MY GOSH I LOVE GETTING TO KNOW MY CHARRIES. I have four huge Hinari interviews in which I leave them stranded in the middle of a snowstorm and they’re just arguing and Hinoki’s teasing and it’s just so much fun 😂😂 Itsu was entirely developed in roleplay, too. SO MUCH FUN.

    AND AHHH! I can’t wait to hear about all your retellings AHHHH!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, exactly!

      Gasp, I wanna read those interviews. XD XD Ooh, same here! Arendale and Teralina were developed only by RPs, too!

      Hehe, you’ll have to wait till next Wednesday… or later… XD

      Liked by 1 person

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