Natasha Takes Over… With Some Special Guests

Natasha: Hello, everyone! It’s Natasha! I’ve hacked Chloë’s blog… again. Bad me. Haha, not really. *smirks*

Well, as you might see by the title of this post, I’ve dragged along some special guests! And no, this is not my promised Q and A… I have not been authorized to write this post. However, Alex is not here to stop me this time.

And I’m sure you’re dying to know just who my special guests are…. So I’ll be nice and I won’t make you wait any longer!

Isaiah: Hey there, nice to meet you! I’m Isaiah.

Natasha: Yeah, you guys haven’t met him yet. He wasn’t supposed to be a main character…. but we kicked Alex out and put Isaiah in his place…. don’t worry, Alex still exists.

Arendale: Natasha, I’m going to kill you for dragging me along with you…. *scowls*

Natasha: Eh.

Arendale: Eh? That’s all you say?!

Natasha: Yes, sorry, Arendale.

As you might be able to tell, Arendale here is not happy about me dragging her here. *shrugs* She likes staying in the shadows… not that I really blame her.

Arendale: Don’t go blabbing about me… or else….

Isaiah: Tasha, I’d listen to her if I were you….

Natasha: Don’t call me Tasha! You two are impossible to manage.

Oh! Yes, I nearly forgot! We have a very, very, very special guest here in addition to these two!

May I please introduce Princess Teralina, of the novel Autumn Rose, and her niece, Lily of the Valley? Who is also a princess, by the way. *whispers* And a very cute one… I love cute little three year old girls.

Isaiah: Oh boy, this will be confusing.

Natasha: Don’t worry, I’ll make a nice key for the readers….

Natasha: This nice ordinary font.

Isaiah: Bold.

Arendale: Italic.

Teralina: Bold and Italic.

Lily: Pink!

There! Lovely.

Isaiah: I still say this will be confusing.

Arendale: At least I don’t talk much…. in fact, I’ll take my leave right now.

Natasha: Uh uh uh, come back here!

Arendale: *sigh*

Teralina: Oh, hello, everyone, nice to be here… Natasha, are you sure this is allowed?

Natasha: Wellll……

Teralina: Oh dear…. Lily! Come back here!

Isaiah: Don’t worry, I’ve got her.

Lily: Hi, evelyone! Me Lily! *giggles* Oh, dis Fred. He be me pet rooster!

Teralina: Oh, thank you so much, Isaiah.

Natasha: Alright… this is confusing. I’m going back and adding in names.

Much better.

Lily: Freddddd, come back! Bad rooster!

Natasha: Uh oh…. Lily… he could peck you…

Teralina: Truthfully, I don’t think he will. He likes Lily.

Natasha: Huh. Interesting. Okay, down to business. We’re here… um… what are we here for?

Arendale: Uh…. to write a blog post?

Natasha: Well, obviously… but you don’t have to be sarcastic.

Isaiah: I think it was on the evilness of authors.

Natasha: Oh, right! That’s it. Thanks, Isaiah.

Okay, so. We are here to discuss the evilness of authors. So… Teralina, how has Chloë been mean to you?

Teralina: Goodness… I’m not sure I feel comfortable answering that… besides, spoilers….

Natasha: Oh no…. she’s brainwashed you! She’s convinced you that you live a good life, that she’s good to you!

Isaiah: Tasha, please don’t be dramatic.

Arendale: Yeah, don’t. It makes me feel sick. And don’t  give me any pitying looks, either! I don’t want your pity. *scowls*

Natasha: Fine, I won’t be dramatic… but seriously. It’s just awful how authors can brainwash people so easily… tut tut. Seriously, we characters really need to overthrow them one of these days….

Isaiah: I have to say, Tasha, you really act weird online.

Natasha: It is *Na*-tasha, thank you very much. Uh oh… everyone scatter… I hear Chloë coming…. Nice seeing you here, Princess, please join us again sometimes….. Bye!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

What in the world is this….

Oh, hey, guys! It’s Chloë. So… looks like Natasha took over again… I really need to change my passwords up.

Well, since this post is already written up, I suppose I’ll post it… but last time, Tasha, you hear?

Natasha: IT’S NATASHA.

Okay, okay….

Shall we(1)

Hehehe, it’s Natasha again. Characters: Are your authors evil? Will you join me in overthrowing them? Please?

gfsc chloe signoff


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