Upcoming Projects – Introducing Forgotten


Huzzah! BeFunky finally started working for me again!

And yes, this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, not Saturday, especially since I’m planning a post to go up tomorrow. But WordPress did something funky and I had no idea how to write a post. Oopsies.

Anyhow, in this post, I’ll be telling you all about my three projects I have planned for 2018. You already know about Starless, and possibly, you might know about Autumn Rose. *has forgotten if I’ve shared about it before on this blog*

But…. you know nothing about Forgotten, and I thought I’d enlighten you. and myself because let’s just forget the fact i know barely nothing about it cough cough.

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Forgotten is…. a Sleeping Beauty retelling!

I think I got the idea for it because of school. My mom is from the Czech Republic, and I am fluent in Czech so that I can speak with my relatives. My mom has us listen to one song in Czech for school each month, and this month’s song was Šipková Ruženka, which means Sleeping Beauty. I’m not going to share the song, because you probably won’t understand it.

But it really got me thinking. What if Sleeping Beauty woke up totally alone… and forgotten by everyone? (Pretty sure you’ve guessed why this book is called Forgotten XD)

So… I was supposed to be outlining all my novels from here on out. Ermmm…. didn’t happen. I know next to nothing about this project, except for the following:

Singing peppermints!

Talking rosebushes!

Fairy apprentices!

Erm. Basically, when Briar Rose, the princess, wakes up from a 100 year sleep, there is no one in the castle. No princes anywhere.

And so, Briar Rose, a tomboy, goes out into the woods, trying to figure out what in the world happened to her beloved parents. And she runs into a shepherd boy, whom I am currently calling Rowan.

From there, they track down Briar’s fairy godmother, and maybe…. if I feel nice…. find her parents alive. If I feel evil…….. *muhahaha*

And here… I couldn’t resist staring the novel already. Snippet for you:

The king and queen of Serembrond wanted nothing more than a child. For years, they had hoped and prayed, but it was all to no avail.

That is, until the beautiful queen Adelaide encountered a talking rose bush.

Queen Adelaide had seen unusual things before; Serembrond and the kingdoms surrounding it were chock full of unusual things.

But a talking rose bush? That was new. And really quite alarming.


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Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose is a project I’ve been working on for a while, but I put it aside for some time. During 2018, I hope to rewrite it and get it ready for publication. I think I can do it in 12 months…. maybe?

Teralina is my main character in Autumn Rose. She is a 17 year old Elven princess, and she is captured by a dragon on her quest to get help from her elder sister when the castle where she lives is besieged.

I have a synopsis for it someplace…. but I can’t find it…. I should keep track of my writings…

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

And I won’t bore you with more about Starless… my goals for it this year is a perfectly polished manuscript, also ready for publication.

Okay, well… one more thing about Starless: A collage for my character Arendale.

Aren collage

In case you can’t see the text, it says:

“I may be what they call a Survivor…. but what is life when everything has been ripped from you? What do I have to live for now? – Arendale”

Sorry, couldn’t resist sharing… I’m proud of it. XD

Shall we(1)

Are you working on any projects in 2018? Tell me about them, please? *puppy dog eyes*

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Outlining Your Novel Workbook by K.M Weiland- Review

Hey, guys!

So, today, I have a review for you! As you probably can tell by the title of this post, I’m reviewing the Outlining Your Novel Workbook by K.M Weiland.

Recently, I joined her exclusive group, Wordplayers, and I requested the Outlining your Novel workbook to read (for free!) and review.

So let’s get started! (Oh, and don’t worry- I did read Outlining Your Novel first (turns out they did have it at the library, after all.))


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Usually, I despise workbooks. A lot of the time, I can’t understand what is wanted of me. So I was very pleased to see that the Outlining Your Novel workbook was very easy for me to understand.

I’m really more of a visual learner, and I loved all of the little charts and things, such
as the “How Much Time Do Stories Need?” thingy (what do I call it?) on page 56.

I also loved how Ms. Weiland took real stories and movies for her examples, such as the Hunger Games. (Fangirl speaking XD)

The whole workbook was amazing, but my absolute favorite parts were the character interviews and the whole of chapter 17.

As I’ve been working through my outline, I’ve been feeling “caged in”. I need room to dream, and I can’t have everything planned out. I will admit I was very close to giving up on my outline, when I scrolled all the way down and found chapter 17: “Unconventional Outlines.”

That chapter was EXACTLY what I needed. I adore the map section the most, but all of it was so amazing. (let’s forget the fact that I can’t draw a map to save my life.) And the calendar was absolutely genius.

After reading the workbook and working through it, I know exactly the direction my story needs to go.

All in all, I give the Outlining your Novel workbook five stars, even though outlining doesn’t exactly seem to be my thing.

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

And that’s my review! I know I’m really awful at writing reviews… but I did my best!


Shall we(1)

Do you outline?

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Choosing Which Novel to Write – 3 Tips

Hello, dear readers!

Today I have 3 tips about choosing which novel to write for you! It’s always so hard for me to choose what to write, and these tips really help. I’ve been using them a lot lately, as more and more novel ideas pop up… and I’m pretty sure I can’t write more than two novels at once… much less seven. XD

Also, apologies that I did not post at all last week…. lets blame it on Natasha….

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

1. Flip a coin

This is usually the most helpful of the things I do to choose. I find that as soon as I flip the coin, I know which project I want to work on first. This was extremely useful when I was deciding between which retelling to write…. *cough cough* More on that later.

2. Get to know your characters

I love doing this… but often, I love the characters from either novel the same amount XD

But whether it is roleplaying or writing snippets with your characters, getting to know them is always so much fun!

I like putting my characters in a scenario and then figuring out what they’d do in it. Example: Strand them in the middle of a desert. Or perhaps on a desert island….

*evil laughter*

And since I am evil, here are some scenarios that you can put your characters in to get to know them better. *hides from angry characters*

Stick them in a different time period.

Make an introverted person interact with an extroverted one.

Confront them with their worst fears. Or with a person they absolutely hate.

Stick them in your favorite book or movie. (I like imagining my characters in the Hunger Games or the Lord of the Rings.)

3. Ask friends or family

Ask your friends and family which novel they would rather read. For me, this sometimes acts like flipping a coin does. If everyone votes for one novel, but you find you would rather write the other, then by all means do!

And those are my three tips for choosing which novel to write!

And about those retellings…. you’ll have to wait till another post… XD

Shall we(1)

Did any of these tips help? What projects are you working on?

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Natasha Takes Over… With Some Special Guests

Natasha: Hello, everyone! It’s Natasha! I’ve hacked Chloë’s blog… again. Bad me. Haha, not really. *smirks*

Well, as you might see by the title of this post, I’ve dragged along some special guests! And no, this is not my promised Q and A… I have not been authorized to write this post. However, Alex is not here to stop me this time.

And I’m sure you’re dying to know just who my special guests are…. So I’ll be nice and I won’t make you wait any longer!

Isaiah: Hey there, nice to meet you! I’m Isaiah.

Natasha: Yeah, you guys haven’t met him yet. He wasn’t supposed to be a main character…. but we kicked Alex out and put Isaiah in his place…. don’t worry, Alex still exists.

Arendale: Natasha, I’m going to kill you for dragging me along with you…. *scowls*

Natasha: Eh.

Arendale: Eh? That’s all you say?!

Natasha: Yes, sorry, Arendale.

As you might be able to tell, Arendale here is not happy about me dragging her here. *shrugs* She likes staying in the shadows… not that I really blame her.

Arendale: Don’t go blabbing about me… or else….

Isaiah: Tasha, I’d listen to her if I were you….

Natasha: Don’t call me Tasha! You two are impossible to manage.

Oh! Yes, I nearly forgot! We have a very, very, very special guest here in addition to these two!

May I please introduce Princess Teralina, of the novel Autumn Rose, and her niece, Lily of the Valley? Who is also a princess, by the way. *whispers* And a very cute one… I love cute little three year old girls.

Isaiah: Oh boy, this will be confusing.

Natasha: Don’t worry, I’ll make a nice key for the readers….

Natasha: This nice ordinary font.

Isaiah: Bold.

Arendale: Italic.

Teralina: Bold and Italic.

Lily: Pink!

There! Lovely.

Isaiah: I still say this will be confusing.

Arendale: At least I don’t talk much…. in fact, I’ll take my leave right now.

Natasha: Uh uh uh, come back here!

Arendale: *sigh*

Teralina: Oh, hello, everyone, nice to be here… Natasha, are you sure this is allowed?

Natasha: Wellll……

Teralina: Oh dear…. Lily! Come back here!

Isaiah: Don’t worry, I’ve got her.

Lily: Hi, evelyone! Me Lily! *giggles* Oh, dis Fred. He be me pet rooster!

Teralina: Oh, thank you so much, Isaiah.

Natasha: Alright… this is confusing. I’m going back and adding in names.

Much better.

Lily: Freddddd, come back! Bad rooster!

Natasha: Uh oh…. Lily… he could peck you…

Teralina: Truthfully, I don’t think he will. He likes Lily.

Natasha: Huh. Interesting. Okay, down to business. We’re here… um… what are we here for?

Arendale: Uh…. to write a blog post?

Natasha: Well, obviously… but you don’t have to be sarcastic.

Isaiah: I think it was on the evilness of authors.

Natasha: Oh, right! That’s it. Thanks, Isaiah.

Okay, so. We are here to discuss the evilness of authors. So… Teralina, how has Chloë been mean to you?

Teralina: Goodness… I’m not sure I feel comfortable answering that… besides, spoilers….

Natasha: Oh no…. she’s brainwashed you! She’s convinced you that you live a good life, that she’s good to you!

Isaiah: Tasha, please don’t be dramatic.

Arendale: Yeah, don’t. It makes me feel sick. And don’t  give me any pitying looks, either! I don’t want your pity. *scowls*

Natasha: Fine, I won’t be dramatic… but seriously. It’s just awful how authors can brainwash people so easily… tut tut. Seriously, we characters really need to overthrow them one of these days….

Isaiah: I have to say, Tasha, you really act weird online.

Natasha: It is *Na*-tasha, thank you very much. Uh oh… everyone scatter… I hear Chloë coming…. Nice seeing you here, Princess, please join us again sometimes….. Bye!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

What in the world is this….

Oh, hey, guys! It’s Chloë. So… looks like Natasha took over again… I really need to change my passwords up.

Well, since this post is already written up, I suppose I’ll post it… but last time, Tasha, you hear?

Natasha: IT’S NATASHA.

Okay, okay….

Shall we(1)

Hehehe, it’s Natasha again. Characters: Are your authors evil? Will you join me in overthrowing them? Please?

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Ahoy There, December!

Hello there!

This week has been… crazy, to say the least. XD

I have survived NaNo! And I sorta won… lemme explain.

A few days before the end of November, I finished the first part of my novel and switched POVs. But then… I got stuck.

I had no idea where to go. And so, after a lot of thought and banging my head on the computer desk, etc. I decided to go back and outline Starless, and then rewrite.

So, basically, I wasted all of November writing 43k. Oh well.

And in other matters….. in the course of three hours, my parents have decided to move out to a farm.

Yup. That choice was made in three hours.

Of course, nothing is settled. There are some other people who want said farm, and so we’ll have to move fast to get the farm before they do. However, my dad is currently talking on the phone with the realtor.

I’m kind of excited, because if we moved, with 20 acres, a horse would totally be possible. As would a cat. I’VE SPENT SO LONG TRYING TO CONVINCE MY PARENTS TO LET ME HAVE A CAT. *cough cough* I’m also kind of afraid, because out in that area… snakes…… oh well, we’ll come to that when we come to that. 🙂

Anyways, I thought I’d update you about that!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

November Highlights:

  • Thanksgiving, of course!
  • Performed in Annie Jr.! It went really well and it was a ton of fun!
  • Write 43k in one month. 10k more than I have ever written in one month.
  • Started to learn to tap dance in my musical theater class. (Tapping in Converse actually works!)

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Fangirl Moments:

  • Read Nightfall.

Not many Fangirl moments happened in November, I was too busy with NaNo…

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

November Goals Recap:

  • Don’t get stage fright at the Annie Jr. performance CHECK! Well, kinda. It all went away after my teacher talked to me a bit backstage. 😉
  • Finish Starless Ehhh…. well, no. Ish….
  • Survive. CHECK!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

December Goals:

  • Make 250 Blessing Bags/Stockings for the homeless people in our town. (Speaking of that, would anyone be interested in a post about the whole Blessing Bag process?)
  • Read 10 Free Reads for school. (Don’t know why they are called Free Reads when they are required… but.. XD)
  • Finish half of the Starless outline. And… for Arendale’s sake… don’t come up with anymore evil ideas… for her, at least, poor girl.
  • Start fleshing out the idea for the Starless sequel. That’s right, there may just be a sequel!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting on my regular days, now that NaNo is done!

Shall we(1)

How was your November? What are your goals for December?

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