NaNo Week Three Recap + Snippets from Starless

Hey guys! So, this should have been posted on Wednesday, but….. I’m getting extremely stressed from NaNo, even though I have only 10k to go. However, I’m finally getting down to writing this post.

How was Thanksgiving for all of you? I had a great day, and I just got some awesome news from a very special person’s mom and I’m really, really happy about that! 😀 (And if my post seems kind of bouncy, that would be why! :D)

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

NaNo Week Three Recap

Day Fifteen:

Quite honestly, I remember nothing about Day Fifteen. XD I suppose I procrastinated… oh, that’s right, I did! How did I procrastinate? By watching Liberty’s Kids and the Wiggles.

And yes, I still love those shows. Yes, I am aware that I am thirteen years old and that it is not normal for a thirteen year old to love those shows. It’s a good thing I’m not normal.

Total word count: 25,077

Day Sixteen:

More procrastination, more TV. And I feel behind. Again. Bad Dobby, very bad. *irons fingers*

There. That should teach me a lesson, right?

Total word count: 26,487

Day Seventeen:

And again, I don’t remember anything about today…. except that I caught up again!

Total word count: 28,378

Day Eighteen:

My characters really, really don’t like me. *sigh*

Total word count: 29,773

Day Nineteen:

More procrastination…. this time in the form of reading! Huzzah! (In case you’re wondering, I was rereading Harry Potter…… I think….My brain is all muddled.)

Total word count: 31,748

Day Twenty:

Writing starts to get miserable……..

Total word count: 33,352

Day Twenty One:

Let us just say that this day was the worst yet….

I fell behind almost 1k because it’s agony to write with a fever, a headache, and a sore throat. So I just watched Matilda and slept all day.

Total word count: 34,182

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

And now, for some snippets. Please, please don’t die from their awfulness.

“Alright, the adults are going to go back into the village,” Zachary announces.
All of us “children” set up a rucus at that. “I have no parents, I can do what I want! And I’m as good as an adult anyway!” That, of course, is Arendale.
Then there are the others. “My parents won’t care, they don’t care about me!” Davy.
“Father, I have to come with you!” Shauna.
“I’m nineteen, and therefore over age, I’m coming, uncle.” Alex.
And then me. “I’m coming, thank you very much!”
Zachary holds up his hands. “You can’t come, don’t make this hard for us,” he pleads.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Zachary, but I’m coming.” “So am I.” “Me three.”
Zachary rubs his forehead. “What can we say to dissuade you?” he asks. We look at each other.
“Nothing,” I say. Everyone nods.

I don’t know why, but I really liked writing this part.

Rosemary’s lip trembles. “But- but… my mommy and daddy!” Everyone exchanges sorrowful glances as Rosemary bursts into tears. I’m not sure what to do, and neither is anyone else, so I go with what my heart tells me to do.
I crouch next to Rosemary, hugging her. She clings to me, sobbing violently, her heart pounding with fear. “And- and my brother, and my little sister,” she wails.
“Shhhh… Rosemary, I promise you, we will find them. We will bring them back to you. They will be okay, and I will take care of you, Rosemary, until we can find them.”
Rosemary looks up at me, wiping tears from her cheeks. “Really and truly?” she whispers.
“Really and truly,” I assure her. What am I getting myself into?

I nearly cried while writing this one. XD

I slump to the floor. It’s hard to breathe… what am I doing here? I’m trembling and raindrops run down my face. Maybe I can just give up now…. the world doesn’t need me. No one needs me… I am all alone.
And then four more figures step out of the darkness.
Alex, holding a gun at ready. Shauna, with an arrow to her bow. Ashlyn, standing tall even though she holds nothing but the popular new weapon, the frying pan. And… and… no… it’s not possible… but yes. Yes. It is Isaiah. What is he doing here? He hates me. Oh. Maybe he is here to finish me off. Though… maybe that would be an act of mercy right now.

And that is all you get, I hope I didn’t kill you from the awfulness of it.

Shall we(1)

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you like Pumpkin Pie?


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  1. Wow, I’m glad I’m not doing NaNo cause I’d fail so hard😂 Are you feeling better now? My Thanksgiving was good🙂 And I don’t know if I like pumpkin pie or not cause it’s been 9 years since I’ve tried it😉

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