Behind the Pen Launch Tour And NaNo Week Two Recap

Hey there, readers!

Today, I’m participating in the launch tour of a friend of mine from my Young Writer’s Workshop!

Her name is Bethany, and her blog is Behind the Pen!

Behind the Pen is all about Bethany’s writing, and she will be sharing about her writing, including snippets, writing tips, and other fun stuff, like book reviews and occasional off topic posts.

Let’s give Bethany a warm welcome to the blogging world, shall we?

Go check out Behind the Pen!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

NaNo Week Two Recap

Day Eight:

Day Eight went pretty well, even though my characters started rebelling…. I’ve got my bribes…. XD

Total Word Count: 13,354

Day Nine:

Truthfully, I can’t remember anything about Day Nine. Oh, wait. Yes, I went through both of my writing playlists. Twice.

Total Word Count: 15,258

Day Ten:

And…. it’s happened. I’ve started getting bored of my writing music. Waaaaaaa…

Total Word Count: 16,711

Day Eleven:

Well, it had to happen sometime. On Day Eleven, I finally fell back on my word count. *cries*

Total Word Count: 17,893

Day Twelve:

Managed to catch up on my word count for Day Eleven! Huzzah!

Total Word Count: 20,099

Day Thirteen:

And I did it again…. I fell behind again. Bad Dobby, very bad.

Total Word Count: 21,460

Day Fourteen:

Two weeks into NaNo, and I’m still alive!

Total Word Count: 23,388

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

And now, if you will excuse me, I will go write. *wails*

Shall we(1)

Did you check out Behind the Pen? How’s NaNo going, ye NaNoers?


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