Character Interview With Josie

Hello, lovely readers!

Today, I have a post to celebrate the lovely Josie’s new blog! You have to check it out. SHOO, GO ON. CLICK HERE FOR THE AMAZINGNESS!

Assuming that you’ve done that,  onto the post.

We’ve given our characters, Natasha (mine) and Mason (Josie’s), some questions to answer for us. And here they are!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

1. What would your blog be called?

Natasha: Umm… I suppose it might be something like…. ugh, I’m not a creative person. The life and times of Natasha Flemming? *nervous laugh*

Mason: Me neither. Can I just skip?

2. WordPress or Blogger?

Natasha: WordPress.

(In which resident stalker Madi comments “if someone says Blogger they’re gonna get a punch in the face via my fist, causing Natasha to change her mind.)

Natasha: *Giggles* Nevermind, Blogger.

Stalker: *punches Natasha*

Natsha: Ow!

Mason: *laughs and is oblivious as Mason often is* Why the change it mind? But I choose Blogger too. It’s easier.

3. What would you post about?

Natasha: Uhhh.. clothes? Life? Food?

Mason: Who knows?

4. What would your blogging strengths and weaknesses be?

Natasha: Ummmm…. I have no idea. Can I skip this one?

Mason: In the most polite way possible, this is stupid.

5. And now, the most important question: Who’s your love interest, if you have one?

Natasha: *blushes* No one….

Mason: Uh- Interest- I don’t take an interest in girls. Not seriously, anyway. O_O *is lying duh Kamri*

Stalker Madi: Kamriiiii >:)

Thus concludes this post! Hope you enjoyed!


Shall we(1)

Have you visited Josie’s blog? What did you think of this post?

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