Hola, November!

So. It’s November. October has gone out the window. And by the time this post is published, I will be writing furiously. Or having writers block, either one.

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

October Highlights:

  • Mostly plotted out Starless
  • Continued working on Annie Jr.
  • Read the Selection series!

Not much actually happened in October, really. But November should be more eventful!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Fangirl Moments:

  • Read the first chapter of Nightfall, and literally screamed.
  • Read Daisy’s post on surviving NaNo and loved it!

And those are my fangirl moments this month!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

October Goals Recap

  • Finish plotting my novel, Starless, for NaNo. CHECK!
  • Memorize all my lines for Annie Jr. CHECK!
  • Survive one more month without Nightfall CHECK!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

November Goals

  • Don’t get stage fright at the Annie Jr. performance
  • Finish Starless
  • Survive.

These may not seem hard, but they will be.

And now, I have to frantically write, but I’ve got some fun posts coming up really soon!

Shall we(1)

How are you? What are your goals for November?


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