Welcome, October!

Okay. How is it already October?! It’s not possible, it isn’t, it isn’t help. I mean, how is the year more than half over?!

I shall not allow it.


And then, when I get my hands on my copy of Nightfall by Shannon Messenger, time can stop. Actually……. if it stops, I’ll never get the next book!

Why is life so complicated? XD

Ahem. My little moment of craziness is done.

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

September Highlights:

  • Joined a local production of Annie Jr, and got the parts of Tessie, Drake, and the Radio announcer.
  • Received a solo to use for auditions from my musical theater teacher.
  • Learned four pieces from the Lord of the Rings on the piano.
  • Participated in National Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Read the Hunger Games

Yep, I did join a production of Annie Jr! We have a very small, all girls cast, so everyone is playing multiple parts. I didn’t get the parts I wanted, but that’s okay, I’ve discovered that I actually like these parts more! We perform the show in November, and I’m super excited!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Fangirl Moments:

  • Shannon Messenger revealed the character art for Nightfall! And, let’s just say, I WANT NIGHTFALL NOW AHSJKHLASDFJADK
  • Cried so much over the Hunger Games, help me *wails*
  • Read Charis’ Rip it or Ship it post, and cracked up repeatedly. Seriously, you really need to read it!


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

October Goals:

  • Finish plotting my novel, Starless, for NaNo.
  • Memorize all my lines for Annie Jr.
  • Survive one more month without Nightfall

I have a lot more goals than this, but these are just the ones that are on the top of my list. 😀

I apologize for the short post, but I have to go now. However, I’ll be back on Sunday, hopefully.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I plan to post every Wednesday, and every Sunday possible. 😀

Shall we(1)

How was your September? What are your goals for October?

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11 thoughts on “Welcome, October!

  1. First, I want to say I absolutely love your blog design and name!!!!! Second, that’s so cool you did 4 pieces of Lord of the Rings on the piano! Third, Starless sounds like a great title for a book 😀 Fourth, Was the Hunger Games good? I’ve heard about it but have never read them. I’m currently reading Twilight, it’s really good! Have you ever read it?


    1. Aha, here’s your comment!
      Thank you! Megan designed my blog for me. Thank you and thank you! 😀 AHSDJKHLA THE HUNGER GAMES WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Nope, I’ve never read it before! I should check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay, you found it! You’re welcome! I need to check it out then!😄 Yes!!! It’s soo good so far! And the movies are great too! I’m actually watching them right now😄


  2. THE HUNGER GAMES IS PURE BEAUTY. *heart eyes* *is lazy and doesn’t want to find emoji* What did you think of it? And CONGRATTTS on getting into Annie JR! I was in that show a long time ago and it was so. Much. Fun. I was an orphan. 😉
    And I’m so happy you enjoyed my post! It was so fun to write and I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


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