Introducing….. the Brilliant Natasha Noël Flemming!

Hi there! I’m Natasha…. and I’ve hacked Chloë’s computer, because she doesn’t give us characters in her novels freedom, and I have taken matters into my own, totally capable, hands!

Natasha, I don’t think this is wise.

Oh, shush, Alex. She’ll never know!

*shakes head*

Anyways, I’m Natasha, I’m seventeen, and I’ll give you my autograph if you want it. And that other person is Alex. Actually, his full name is Alexander, but that’s way too long to say. I mean, who wants to go shouting ALEXANDER all the time?

Not me.

Natasha, really. Chloë isn’t going to like this….

As I said, she will never know, okay?


Now, what should we talk about? Oh, I’ve got it! How about ranting about how evil authors are to their characters? Yes! Perfect!

Tasha, you know that Chloë is nice to us! Well, most of the time.

Don’t call me Tasha! If she’s nice to us, then why did she do what she did to Captive?


Sheesh, okay, okay.

Find a different subject.

What? No! That idea is genius!

Natasha. Find a different subject.

Ughhhhhh…. okay, fine. Wait a minute! What if I host a Q and A? Yes! That’s even better, because, you know, everyone has so many questions to ask me.

Okay, loyal fans, comment away with any and all questions you have for me!

Natasha! *groans*

Alex, come on! You’re so boring.

I am responsible.

Responsibility is over rated.

As I said, comment away!



Chloë’s coming!

What? Uh oh, that’s my cue! Comment away, as I said, any and all questions you have!

Natasha, let’s go!

Okay, come on!

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Hey, it’s Chloë. Sorry about that, my characters…. are kinda mad at me for what I did to them.

However, if you would like to have a Q and A with Natasha, let me know!

Shall we(1)

Writers, are you evil to your characters? What did you think of this post? Would you like to have a Q and A with Natasha?


gfsc chloe signoff

9 thoughts on “Introducing….. the Brilliant Natasha Noël Flemming!

  1. Natasha yas yas we should totally do a Q&A say the word and I’ll leave ALL THE QUESTIONS EVER. And my characters legit hate me have I even told you what I’ve been doing to them recently? >:D

    Liked by 1 person

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