I’m saying goodbye to Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds.

As much as I love it, I’m not excited about it anymore. And now that I’m more serious about writing, I want a place that can both be used as a lifestyle blog and a writer’s website.

I’ve had the idea for quite a while now, but I wanted to see if I would stick with it and keep my excitement. It looks like I have!

So may I present to you my new blog, Chloë Mali?

Chloë Mali will be all about my writing and life. I’m hoping to post some photography and recipes along with posts similar to the ones I’ve posted here.

Chloë Mali isn’t quite finished, but it’s nearly there! It’s nothing fancy, but I like the plain and simple style.

Will all my followers do me a favor and go follow Chloë Mali? I would really appreciate it!

Love you, guys, and I’ll see you over at Chloë Mali!!!

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The Goodbye- An Awesome AGSM You Should Watch

Hello, hello, lovely readers!

Today I have something very exciting to share with you. It is the one year anniversary of a very special video!

This video was made by the amazing Madi, She put so much time into this project, and she is trying to get to 1 million views. Continue reading “The Goodbye- An Awesome AGSM You Should Watch”

Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Characters


Hello, everyone! It’s Natasha again.

And before you ask, yes, Chloë does know I’m here. She’s kinda freaking out because of an upcoming audition. I don’t see what she’s so excited about, the only thing kids can be in it are Munchkins and Monkeys. I’d try out for Dorothy. I’m almost an adult, after all. Anyways, the only thing Chlo doesn’t know about is the subject of this post. *smirks* Continue reading “Three Things You Should Never Do To Your Characters”

Outlining Your Novel Workbook by K.M Weiland- Review

Hey, guys!

So, today, I have a review for you! As you probably can tell by the title of this post, I’m reviewing the Outlining Your Novel Workbook by K.M Weiland.

Recently, I joined her exclusive group, Wordplayers, and I requested the Outlining your Novel workbook to read (for free!) and review.

So let’s get started! (Oh, and don’t worry- I did read Outlining Your Novel first (turns out they did have it at the library, after all.))


Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

Usually, I despise workbooks. A lot of the time, I can’t understand what is wanted of me. So I was very pleased to see that the Outlining Your Novel workbook was very easy for me to understand.

I’m really more of a visual learner, and I loved all of the little charts and things, such
as the “How Much Time Do Stories Need?” thingy (what do I call it?) on page 56.

I also loved how Ms. Weiland took real stories and movies for her examples, such as the Hunger Games. (Fangirl speaking XD)

The whole workbook was amazing, but my absolute favorite parts were the character interviews and the whole of chapter 17.

As I’ve been working through my outline, I’ve been feeling “caged in”. I need room to dream, and I can’t have everything planned out. I will admit I was very close to giving up on my outline, when I scrolled all the way down and found chapter 17: “Unconventional Outlines.”

That chapter was EXACTLY what I needed. I adore the map section the most, but all of it was so amazing. (let’s forget the fact that I can’t draw a map to save my life.) And the calendar was absolutely genius.

After reading the workbook and working through it, I know exactly the direction my story needs to go.

All in all, I give the Outlining your Novel workbook five stars, even though outlining doesn’t exactly seem to be my thing.

Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds

And that’s my review! I know I’m really awful at writing reviews… but I did my best!


Shall we(1)

Do you outline?

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